Tips Use a secure Waterproof Makeup for skin

Not a few women who choose to wear waterproof makeup make every day. Let alone live and activity in tropical countries who sometimes make sweating or heavy rain. Wear waterproof makeup of course so much more save time and energy because it tends to be more durable and not easily wear off hit the water. However, the makeup of the anti-water also could not escape the risk of damaged skin. First, read his tips below to keep skin healthy.

Risk of skin damaged by waterproof makeup

Makeup water resistant (waterproof) are made of special materials for blocking water in order not to reduce body makeup. The ingredients that are most commonly found in cosmetics is waterproof wax (wax), silicone, solvent and polymer derived from animals or plants.

According to Alexis Comforti, one of the prominent international makeup stylists, texture makeup kind of waterproof overweight used for facial skin. Its products also are harder to clean, so it must use a special cleaner that is typically made from oil.

Waterproof makeup clean with ordinary SOAP or the wrong type of cleaners are at risk of causing the prone skin damaged due to various things. First, because the results were so less clean. Although it seems to have erased all, stay there is still residual waste products to be naughty that will clog pores and cause acne.