Tips for choosing the right bras after breast cancer surgery
Tips for choosing the right bras after breast cancer surgery

Tips For Choosing The Right Bras After Breast Cancer Surgery

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do I need to wear a bra after breast reconstruction?

Surgical removal of the breast, or a mastectomy, it can be done on the breast or both breasts immediately. After that, not little-bewildered patients should use a bra or not after the operation. Or, must choose what kind of bra to keep comfortable activity.

Right now, the treatment of breast cancer have been very advanced and can improve the quality of life of the patient. It is indeed a series of breast cancer treatment is quite long and long. However, if followed to finish, does not cover the possibility of the patient can return to work and normal activity.

Breast cancer treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery, or a combination of the three. The operation is usually performed on breast cancer that is inoperable. If not inoperable, the patient will be treated first with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. After that, the patient may be inoperable.

Not all breast cancer surgery can cure cancer. Breast cancer surgery is done to support life and improve the quality of life of the patients. Then, after a breast cancer operation, what are the things to watch out for patients in the use of bra?

Postoperative breast cancer breast conditions

After surgery, patients still have to take care of the wound so that the operations do not need to use the bra. The breasts will be covered with gauze and wound care on a regular basis. If the wound dries up, is already operating a patient can use a bra.

Breast cancer surgery wound healing may take a year to restore the nerves and skin. In the first year after surgery for breast cancer, should patients choose a bra with the following criteria:

  • Made from soft cotton or
  • The size of the circle is a pretty bra chest width
  • Proponents of the wide side
  • Bra full Cup
  • A separate bra Cup
  • Bra straps that can be modified
  • Not many trinkets
  • Not wire

If patients experience Rapture breast next to, or unilaterally mastectomy, patients can use a bra next door filled with a prosthesis. This can make the patient remains confident.

A prosthesis is an artificial breast with shapes, sizes, and colors vary. Their texture is similar to the breast so you can be comfortable using it. Most of the prosthesis is made of silicone, which is a soft gel-like substance. There is also a lighter foam prosthesis and cold, it may be more suitable for those who are very active.

If the patient is experiencing Rapture second bilateral mastectomy or breast, the patient can use the bra which is both already on the staple of a prosthesis. This can make the breast feel to have the remaining patient and not minder when using the clothes.

Even after implementing a mastectomy, patients can also have breasts again with the help of a specialist breast reconstruction plastic surgeon. Breast reconstruction can be performed when or soon after lumpectomy (surgical removal of the lump) or mastectomy is done. But it can also be done after months or years had surgery for breast cancer.

Not having breasts, or difficult to wear a bra after breast cancer surgery is not the end of everything. Many ways that can be done to cover it up, that is with the use of breast prosthesis or breast reconstruction with a specialist plastic surgeon.

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