Really Lack Of Vitamin A Can Trigger Diabetes
Really Lack Of Vitamin A Can Trigger Diabetes

Really Lack Of Vitamin A Can Trigger Diabetes?

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More than that, the findings of this study also suggest that vitamin A deficiency may be involved in the onset of type 1 diabetes. Because, in experiments on animals, rat newborns need vitamin A to develop the beta cells in a way that normal. Most likely the same thing also applies to humans.

“Children should get the amount of vitamin A is enough through their food, ” said Salehi.

Furthermore, Salehi and the research team of the study stressed that the supply of vitamin A should not be increased too much, let alone through the consumption of supplements. Because they note that excess vitamin A levels are closely related to the occurrence of osteoporosis and other health problems.

Solutions are still being sought

The research team is currently incorporated in the study are hunting small molecules (peptides), which can enable GPRC5C on the surface of the cell beta without having to cause side effects such as the excess supply of vitamin A.

“These observations raise the possibility that the agent that targets GPRC5C can represent how new therapies to improve the effectiveness of beta cell mass and insulin secretion, ” as an early stage, such research opens new possibilities that vitamin A deficiency can play a role in the onset of diabetes mellitus. However, the research is still not preferable because it still requires further study. However, you still advisable to always meet the needs of vitamin A each day by eating healthy foods, such as liver, fish oil, fruits, and vegetables.

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