Really Lack Of Vitamin A Can Trigger Diabetes
Really Lack Of Vitamin A Can Trigger Diabetes

Really Lack Of Vitamin A Can Trigger Diabetes?

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What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Diabetes?

Most people know that vitamin A is identical to eye health. Whoever this vitamin deficiency, then his eye health would be impaired. However, later on, there is an opinion that said that the lack of vitamin A is also associated with diabetes mellitus.

The researchers suspect that vitamin A had an important role for beta cell function of secreting insulin. Beta cells become very important when talking about type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes occurs when the pancreas beta cells fail to produce enough insulin.

Lack of vitamin A and diabetes

In a study conducted recently and reported in Endocrine Journal, researchers from the United Kingdom and Sweden find that there are a large number of receptors on the surface of cells vitamin A beta. These receptors are known as GPRC5C.

“When we found that insulin cells have surface expressed as a receptor for vitamin A, we think to know why and what’s the purpose of cell surface receptors interact with vitamin A and then mediate the response quickly to vitamin A, “said one of the researchers, Albert Salehi.

In a study done, the research team tested the beta cells from people who have a history and without a history of type 2 diabetes. After a few times of doing experiments with restrictions on most GPRC5C beta cells, the research team found that insulin secretion ability in participants declined almost 30%.

With the discovery, researchers believe that vitamin A deficiency plays a role in the onset of diabetes mellitus type 2. Researchers also believe that vitamin A deficiency can cause a decrease in beta cell’s ability to prevent inflammation, even capable of causing cell beta experience death.

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