how to prevent cancer with food
how to prevent cancer with food

Prevent the risk of cancer with 8 this Food

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To prevent cancer, steps that can be done is by eating healthy food delectable, especially vegetables and fruit. the content of beta-carotene in vegetables may help lower the risk of cancer. While the vitamin in fruit, can destroy free radicals and is able to protect the body from toxins.

Well, as a reference, here are a number of foods that can help you in preventing and lowering the risk of cancer, including vegetable and fruit. What kind of food is it? Here’s more information.

1. Broccoli

Broccoli contains Sulforaphane, i.e. compounds that plants are anticancer. Sulforaphane compounds can reduce the size and number of breast cancer by up to 75 percent. Whereas in mice, the compound can be deadly prostate cancer cells and reduces the volume of the tumor is more than 50 percent. Any number of studies say, routinely eat broccoli may decrease the risk of colorectal cancer.

2. Carrot

A study report, the routine of eating carrots can reduce the risk of gastric cancer by up to 26 percent. Whereas in prostate cancer, carrots can reduce the risk by up to 18 percent. Reported by Healthline, smokers that did not include a carrot into his daily menu three times higher risk for lung cancer than smokers who consume carrots.

3. Berries

Start of blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, bilberry, until all contain anthocyanin. Anthocyanin pigments of plants which are antioxidants that can reduce the risk of cancer. In a study of 25 people suffering from colorectal cancer treated with the extract of bilberry for seven days. As a result, the growth of cancer is dropping as much as 7 percent. Additionally, the berries also reacted positively towards a decrease in the growth of oral cancer.

4. Cinnamon

On research on animals, the cinnamon extract can help stop the spread of cancer cells. In fact, the essential oil of cinnamon can suppress the growth of head and neck cancer while understating the size of his tumor. Consumes up to 1 ½ teaspoon of cinnamon per day (mixed in food) will help prevent cancer, lower blood sugar levels, while reducing inflammation.

5. Turmeric

The active ingredient Curcumin in turmeric is a compound that is a bitter taste, antioxidants, and anticancer. In a study, patients who had lesions in the gut that are at risk of becoming cancer, given 4 grams of Curcumin daily. And the result, after 30 days, the number of lesions in the gut they are reduced by as much as 40 percent. In addition, Curcumin can also slow the growth of cancer cells in the lung, breast, and prostate.

6. Citrus

Assorted Orange, such as lemons, limes, and grapefruit can lower the risk of cancers of the digestive tract and upper respiratory tract. A review of 14 studies reveals, consuming three servings of citrus fruit per week can reduce the risk of gastric cancer by 28 percent. But remember, for you have gastric problems, do not consume the fruit in an empty stomach, Yes!

7. Tomato

Lycopene anticancer compounds are found in tomatoes and gave him red. Several studies have found, increasing the intake of Lycopene can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. include one or two servings of tomatoes in your daily diet so that you can avoid cancer.

8. Garlic

allicin compounds in garlic have already proven it can kill cancer cells. A study involving thousands of participants uncover, they are consuming onions lower risk for developing cancer of the stomach rather than those who seldom consume it. If you want to get health benefits of garlic at once to avoid cancer, enter 2 to 5 g garlic into your daily diet.

That’s some foods that can keep you from the risk of cancer. Almost all vegetables and fruit, right? Then, when you multiply vegetable and fruit intake, the quality of health owned definitely much better. Even so, don’t forget to wash the first vegetables and fruit to Your consumption so that evil bacteria could be lost.

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