Never again Use Acetone to clean the cutex, this danger For Nails

For those of you who often worked at a Nail Polish aka cutex, may also often use acetone. Yes, acetone is a chemical used to clean and remove Nail Polish. However, if used too often, instead of being so good, your nails are beautiful and not damaged even more.

Then, how dangerous the hell use acetone Nail Polish as a cleanser? understand first range of its effects.

Not just turns CuteX shine acetone

Acetone is known as a cutex cleanser. In fact, not all cutex cleaners is acetone.

Basically, there are two types of cutex cleaner that are non-acetone and acetone. Most brands of cleaners cutex mention this on the content label of the package.

Acetone is a clear liquid, odorless catty, and highly flammable. Isopropyl alcohol is commonly used in the manufacture of acetone. This is why acetone is able to quickly remove Your cutex.

The main active ingredients in cutex non-acetone cleaner is usually ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, and propylene carbonate. Typically, these products are also added moisturizer such as Glycerin and panthenol, that prevent dryness in nails.

However,cutex non-acetone Remover does not dissolve the layer of cutex easily so you have to take a longer time to remove cutex.