Never again Use Acetone to clean the cutex, this danger For Nails
Never again Use Acetone to clean the cutex, this danger For Nails

Never again Use Acetone to clean the cutex, this danger For Nails

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For those of you who often worked at a Nail Polish aka cutex, may also often use acetone. Yes, acetone is a chemical used to clean and remove Nail Polish. However, if used too often, instead of being so good, your nails are beautiful and not damaged even more.

Then, how dangerous the hell use acetone Nail Polish as a cleanser? understand first range of its effects.

Not just turns CuteX shine acetone

Acetone is known as a cutex cleanser. In fact, not all cutex cleaners is acetone.

Basically, there are two types of cutex cleaner that are non-acetone and acetone. Most brands of cleaners cutex mention this on the content label of the package.

Acetone is a clear liquid, odorless catty, and highly flammable. Isopropyl alcohol is commonly used in the manufacture of acetone. This is why acetone is able to quickly remove Your cutex.

The main active ingredients in cutex non-acetone cleaner is usually ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, and propylene carbonate. Typically, these products are also added moisturizer such as Glycerin and panthenol, that prevent dryness in nails.

However,cutex non-acetone Remover does not dissolve the layer of cutex easily so you have to take a longer time to remove cutex.

What are the dangers of use of acetone is too often?

Acetone is a solvent that is very strong and works best for removing Nail Polish. However, acetone is also very hard because it can eliminate many natural oils from your skin.

In fact, sometimes your nails will look very white if you use too much acetone. This will make your nails dry and can become brittle if worn with often.

Women with nails that dry or chapped, should avoid the use of acetone. Due to the very dry acetone for nails, cuticles, and skin.

Danger use acetone to other body health

Acetone evaporates very quickly when left open and easy to burn. Acetone poisoning can also cause life-threatening, but this very rarely happens because the body is able to break down large amounts of acetone are absorbed into the body.

You can experience acetone poisoning if not deliberately eating or swallowing acetone in great numbers in a short time.

Acetone poisoning symptoms include mild headaches, talk Lisp, lethargy, lack of coordination of the senses motion, a sweet taste in the mouth. In severe cases, symptoms include coma, acetone poisoning low blood pressure, and passed out.

Therefore, the use of acetone in the open and away from the flame. Always keep products containing acetone out of reach of children.

If you are happy coloring nails with cutex, choose the free cutex removal of acetone. The same is true for polish furniture, furniture of a water-based lubricant as effective as the product of acetone.

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