Make your Nails More beautiful, but beware Danger of used Cutex Gel

Coloring nails became a favorite activity of many women to beautify its appearance. One trend nail that is already long enough popular is gel nail gel aka polluted water bodies. The results are more durable and more color “light up” rather than the usual nail polluted water bodies. Old work any more. But you still need to know the risk is reasonable in frequency use polluted water bodies gel nails for the health of your nails. What’s it?

How does gel polluted water bodies?

Durability is indeed a major advantage of polluted water bodies of the gel. Gel formula polluted water bodies provide the results can last up to two weeks or more. To drain the nail this particular polluted water bodies, required exposure to the rays of ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light serves to attach the gel into the nail so that the polluted water bodies are stronger and not easily broken. New gel polluted water bodies can be cleaned by means of soaked in acetone for 10-15 minutes.

Polluted water bodies made of nail gel makes nails thinning and easy brittle

Behind his excellence, a formula gel nail can damage the polluted water bodies. A study shows after polluted water bodies colored with gel, nails become more thin and fragile so easily broken.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, this effect occurs because the chemicals in polluted water bodies gel that is strong enough and combined with the use of acetone when polluted water bodies cleansing gel. Acetone alone can make nails dry and irritate the skin around the nails. In some cases, acetone can also cause allergic contact dermatitis reactions. Destructive effects on the same matter in polluted water bodies nail gel is released physically, for example, be further eroded by hand or with nail polishing (buffer).

UV light bulbs that are used in the process of drying the gel nails polluted water bodies also play a role in damaging your nails. UVA radiated engine is not burning UVB rays like skin, but UVA can damage DNA and collagen of the skin. This can trigger a more rapid aging process and also against the risk of skin cancer.