Breast big side Sign Of Breast Cancer
Breast big side Sign Of Breast Cancer

Breast big side, Sign Of Breast Cancer?

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Have breasts of different sizes could be raising fears yourself. The worst possibility that may come to your mind is whether these symptoms of breast cancer?

Fortunately, not all cases of breast cancer are caused by a large side. So you don’t panic just yet.

1. When the breasts are different sizes

In General, the growth of the breast ends five years after a woman gets her period first. The first possible cause big tits next to the breast are still in its infancy.

You need to know, that the growth between the left and right breast is different. However, what if this organ size differences persist to adulthood?

Up to ninety percent of adult women have breasts of different sizes. This is the normal case. You don’t need to worry. In General, differences in size to 20 percent between the right and left breasts belong to normal.

Breast size can change over the menstrual cycle. While experiencing ovulation, breast size can increase due to fluid retention (storage), and increased blood flow to the breasts. If it feels great next to the breasts, you need to pay attention to whether this change over Your menstrual cycle.

2. Different sizes due to trauma

In addition, trauma to the breast can make one size to be big next door. If a trauma occurs when the breast is finished growing, then it is likely the enlargement of this size are only temporary due to inflammation. If it occurs when the breasts are still growing, it could be the difference in size will remain.

Infection that occurs in one breast may also lead to differences in size. In most cases, this condition is accompanied by symptoms of redness, heat, and pain. It could also come out fluid or pus from the nipple, although not always the case. Examples of infections that occur are mastitis or breast abscess.

Some other circumstances, which are not related to cancer, can cause huge tits next to them. For example, breast cysts and lumps are benign such as lipoma or fibroadenoma.

This can also be caused by a rare condition like juvenile hypertrophy of the breast. These conditions cause one bigger breast size, rather than the other. So, the difference in breast size is not always caused by breast cancer.

But certainly, however, the condition of your breast, if indeed you sense unusual symptoms – such as the presence of symptoms of breast cancer – check with your doctor immediately. The sooner you consult a doctor, the sooner you get proper handling.

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