Benefits Argan oil for skin lightening
Benefits Argan oil for skin lightening

Benefits Argan oil for skin lightening

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Argan oil for face benefits  – Amid the rise of a variety of skin care products currently, argan oil into one of the often heard and promoted by various manufacturers. Argan oil is believed to have many benefits for skin care, really?

Argan oil is a natural product produced from the seeds of the tree Argania spinosa core, plant origin of Morocco. Argan oil is extracted from the core of the argan fruit, shaped similar to a large olive.

In its home country, many communities use argan oil to treat a variety of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, to wrinkles and hair loss. Because of that, argan oil is then widely known and many mass-produced, Although sold for who does not come cheap.

Benefits Argan oil for skin lightening

Beautiful skin with argan oil

Departing from the Interior of Morocco, argan oil has now become a “Star” in a variety of skin care products and cosmetics. The main benefits are to make the skin feel smooth and soft immediately after the first use. Argan oil contains fatty acids and vitamin E are beneficial to maintain hydration and moisture of the skin. Argan oil is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, which can help mitigate the effect of inflammation on the skin as well as help prevent premature aging signs.

When applied topically to the skin, tocopherol content of vitamin E on argan oil will increase the production of the cells so that it supports the formation of skin conditions and healthy hair. For those reasons, argan oil is now a mainstay ingredient of various manufacturers of cosmetics and skin care for a line of anti-aging or preventing premature aging.

The use of the argan oil

Without having to purchase a variety of products containing argan oil, you can use the pure argan oil and use it in multiple steps of skin care. Although the price is expensive, you don’t have to worry because their use requires only a few drops only. Some use of argan oil for facial skin are:

Moisturized at night

After washing face, pour a drop of argan oil into the Palm of your hand and apply with a circular motion to the face and neck. This step will help maintain the humidity of your face at night and give the argan oil sufficient time to work on the skin while you sleep.

To exfoliate

Exfoliation is important to allow the skin regenerate. But often, the peeling process with different physical or chemical agents can damage the skin and cause irritation. Using argan oil, you can reduce the impact of irritation when the process of exfoliation while keeping skin moist.

You can mix 1 one tablespoon of brown sugar (brown sugar) with a few drops of argan oil, then apply a rotate to face for 2 to 4 minutes and then flush with warm water.


Acne medications

The research States that argan oil may help reduce the levels of sebum or oil on those who have oily skin. The high content of linoleic acid on argan oil may help relieve inflammation due to Acne and soothe the damaged skin cells. You can be slathered on the argan oil in trouble on a regular basis to help take some.

Benefits Argan oil for skin lightening – Although argan oil as a natural ingredient is safe to use for all skin types, you should still pay attention if irritation or allergy alerts occurred after use. To check for the existence of the reaction of side effects, we recommend that you try argan oil on a small area in the neck and wait a few moments. If there is no reaction that appears, you can use it on the entire face.

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