4 symptoms of skin cancer you need to Know
4 symptoms of skin cancer you need to Know

4 symptoms of skin cancer you need to Know

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Skin cancer can happen to anyone, knows no age, young or old. This disease is quite high going on around the world, although the number of deaths caused not too significant.

Nevertheless, the skin is an organ that is easiest to visible by a naked eye, so it is not hard to detect any abnormalities in the skin early on.

skin cancer occurs in a cell in the body that grow uncontrollably. The growth of abnormal cells is then spread to surrounding tissues to affect the flow of blood or lymph nodes to other areas of the body.

“The spread is called metastasis. The more extensive the metastasis, the more difficult the treatment to cure cancer. Conversely, the smaller the cancer cell that is formed, the better the level of healing anyway ”

Beware of this skin cancer symptom Of all types of skin cancer, melanoma is the most deadly, rare, and are usually marked by a mole. Therefore, people are often tricked and noticing that Mole is a symptom of melanoma.

As for the other skin cancer types i.e. non-melanoma skin cancers such as basal cell or squamous cell. These types of cancer, are more common than melanoma. Offered from Prevention, the following warning signs and symptoms is the possibility of skin cancer yourself:

1. Red Spots

Red spots that appear might itch and peeling, so it looks like terrible dry skin. When you have skin lesions of this cancer, the immune system will respond to abnormal cells. That reaction can cause redness, inflammation or crusts on the skin.

2. open Wound

Basal cell carcinoma can also appear as a bloody wound, open, or even hollow. This condition can cause interference in other organs, especially if it is located near the eyes or mouth.

3. the red Bumps and scaly 

Squamous cell carcinoma can appear as red or brown rough patches that can resemble warts or scabies. This kind of bumps looked like a wound or lesion on the skin.

Usually, a lump cannot be lost in a few days. These conditions must be overcome before getting worse and seems disruptive.

4. To resemble a small crater

Symptoms of skin cancer which is a squamous cell carcinoma also can resemble a small crater. The shape is similar shallow volcanoes with patches of blood in the Center.

Like basal cell carcinoma, cancer is usually not deadly for the person with but can damage and cause disability. When you find one of these alerts, check with your doctor immediately.

Pay attention to your skin. Don’t ever underestimate the skin disorder that appears, the slightest. Do early detection through by doing the examination time reflect, so that you may know the disorder that exists as an early sign of skin cancer.

Skin cancer could not be considered trivial. Increasingly early found, the greater the success rate of treatment anyway. So, if you notice any unusual changes to the skin, immediately consult a doctor to get proper early handling.

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