Sagging breasts after have kids? These 3 quick ways to tighten his naturally

b. Wear the right bra

While breastfeeding is better to choose a special bra for nursing mothers or a sports bra. A good BRA, can sustain the breast and prevent sagging.

c. Reduce animal fats

Reducing the consumption of animal fats is aiming to avoid the change of shape and breast size after pregnancy and breastfeeding. We recommend eating more whole grain cereals, legumes, and green vegetables. Use the time of breastfeeding to eat more salad, olive oil, and fresh fruits.
Konsumsilah vitamin B rich foods (eggs, fish, and poultry) and E (nuts, seeds, and green vegetables). This vitamin helps maintain elasticity and skin tone.

d. Wash with warm water and continue with cold water

It can improve circulation and the color of your skin. That way your breast skin will remain firm.

e. Wean gradually

This could be one way to prevent changes in the shape and size of breasts. The longer you wean, the more you will help fatty tissue to settle back on the breast. It can help them regain the appearance of pre-pregnancy more quickly.

d. Avoid losing weight quickly post breastfeeding

Because this can make changes in the shape and size of breasts. Better try to lose weight gradually so that your skin has time to change too.