Routine Drinking Lemon juice Can Overcome stomach ache?

For those of you who have stomach ache, may have already tried various remedies to address them. Most cases can be lost, most cases do not. One way that is often done to be able to cope with the heartburn is to routinely drink lemon juice. From the point of view of the medical world, whether it is indeed a powerful tool?

heartburn is a health disorder is very common. Estimated to be as much as 25%-40% of adults can experience symptoms of stomach ache in 1 year. heartburn can appear even if there are no organic abnormalities in the wall of the stomach. Handling is more focused on lifestyle changes and medications.

Lifestyle is indeed related to stomach ache. Some forms of food, beverages, or medications can trigger stomach ache. Some causes of stomach ache that is often encountered, among others:

  • Overeating or eating too fast
  • Eating too many fatty foods, greasy, or spicy
  • Drinking too much caffeine, alcohol, or carbonated beverages
  • Smoke
  • Anxiety
  • Some types of antibiotics, pain relief, and iron supplements

The stomach ache can also occur due to the disease. For example inflammation of the wall of the stomach, gastric or intestinal wound 12 fingers, Celiac disease, gastric cancer, to the lack of blood flow in the gut.

Lemon juice and stomach ache

Then, can lemon water cause stomach ache? Unfortunately, the news that had circulated were not true aka myth. Lemon juice acidic thus can add to the irritation of the gastric wall occurred on a stomach ache. Similarly, when there are wounds in the stomach wall, surely the acidity of the lemon juice will aggravate the condition.

Likening cuts on the fingers are exposed to the acid of lemon water. Roughly, it will not be comfortable, right? The same principle applies to consumption of lemon juice for stomach ache sufferers, especially mag which is based on abnormalities in the form of irritation and sores the wall of the stomach.